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Christmas in July Reader Giveaway
Happy Christmas in July! Welcome to the 3rd blog in this Christmas in July Reader Giveaway, which runs July 12-23,[...]
Defending Noah
I doubt most people, least of all believers, would think of the character of Noah from the book of Genesis[...]
The Case for Rain Before the Flood, Part II
Welcome back to our investigation of the prospect of rain showers on the earth before the Great Flood. When last[...]
The Case for Rain Before the Flood, Part I
During research for my novel set during the time of Noah’s Ark, I found myself confronted by the age-old dilemma[...]
Researching Army of God
June is the one-year anniversary of the publication of my first manuscript, Army of God, a story focusing on a[...]
Who is Dennis Bailey and Why Should I Care?
Welcome. Since I know there are literally thousands of web and blog sites out there, I’d like to thank you[...]